Haitham Majed Al Hamad - Electrified Forms in Spiritual Harmony

The accomplished Syrian artist Haitham Al Hamad currently creates his unique paintings at the Doha Fire Station “Artists in residence” in Qatar. As a member of the Syrian Fine Arts Association and Qatar Fine Arts Association, Haitham has exhibited his works in many galleries across Syria and Qatar, also participating is prestigious cultural fairs.

Haitham’s passion for Islamic painting and miniatures leads him to a complex artistic journey that culminates in terrific expressionist works. From academical forms of portrait and still lifes to innovative themes and compositions, this multi-talented painters is able to give life to  a rich magical aura and fantastical nature that surpsases ordinary. Haitham uses incredibly vibrant colours and an amalgamation of animated forms, which electrify and give an otherworldly intensity to the subject matter within his paintings.

Thus, transforming the everyday into something extraordinary. Haitham paints his surroundings and transforms veracity into an ethereal obscure creation, full of vigor and pulsating with spirit. 

Haitham has the talent of breathing whimsical life through his unique development and portrayal of connection and communication through these stimulating abstract forms. The distinctive and skilled technique of capturing different shades of light, which are glowing with radiant hues, encourages intense spiritual meaning and relations with the observer.

Finally, Haitham is a unique artist who promises exceptional evolution in his creative pathway, becoming more and more deep in personal meanings. In anticipation, the viewer is intrigued to see which compositions and ideas will occur in his future career.

By Elena Foschi