The Russian artist Anna Trigub at the celebrated London Art Biennale 2017

anna-trigub-russian-artist-london-biennaleAmong talented artists from 40 different nations, the Russian contemporary artist Anna Trigub will exhibit her stunning works at the renowned London Art Biennale 2017, in London. After many exhibitions in different cities including Bruges, Moscow and Kaluga, this professional artist, who graduated from the well-established Surikov Art Institute in 2009, will show her unique paintings in the third edition of the grand art show, at the historic Chelsea Old Town Hall on Kings Road, London.

Trigub depicts ordinary subject matter with emphasis on accurate depiction of light and open composition. Her depiction of realistic scenes, often painted out of doors, is a technique that resonates with Impressionism. In some of her works, she paints the charming streets of her hometown Kaluga in Russia, capturing the alluring tranquillity and splendour of this modest sleepy town. 


In these works, one can see the fine and precise brush strokes, which creates the illusion of concentrated colour vibrations by capturing the fleeting and ephemeral beams of sunlight that ceaselessly glimmer and wink at the viewer. Her alluring works have an atmospheric quality and a timeless magnificence that accentuate the passage of time. 

The play of light, sense of realism and placid movement is enhanced with the inclusion of candid poses that accompany the astounding saturation of vivid tonal contrasts.  Taking place from the 29th March to 2nd April 2017, the London Art Biennale is the perfect location to experience Trigub’s harmonious artworks. 


By Elena Foschi