Carlo Guidetti - New era for Italian Art?

Among the plethora of digital  and analog art currently on the market it is rare for a particular artist to stand out from the crowd but one such man is Carlo Guidetti. Why? Perhaps it’s due to his engineering background that gives him him the edge or, an acute eye for the subtly surreal, for structure, for colour, for daring….or, more likely, a combination of all these elements and others. 
Guidetti uses both disciplines of photography to replicate urban and rural subjects but seemingly subtle altered states of reality.  One is drawn to an image and then gradually realises all is not as it appears and one is witnessing a unique vision of reality, making them unique with a delicate balance of colour to dramatic effect. The artist is very drawn to nature, to trees and the many faceted possibilities that their branches, bark and twigs have to offer and one is rapidly transfixed and even convinced of their ‘reality’ even in their surreal state. 
Quite rightly Guidetti has been selected for the The London Biennale, 2015.