Daniela Anfori, the Sublime Fusion of Art Forms

Many a times have various art forms blended together: music, dancing, acting and singing. When music meets dancing it becomes ballet; when acting, singing and music blend it becomes opera. But when ballet or opera are fused together with the apex of visual art, painting, they become masterpieces at 360 degrees.
The painter who understands, interprets and magnifies the performance through his sensitivity and creativity leaves the mark of genius.
In this case we are talking about a woman, Daniela Anfori. An Italian expressionist painter of the utmost talent and mastery. A woman whose oeuvre is refined, elegant, forceful, passionate and beautiful. A woman who isn’t afraid of pouring her soul out for the viewer to share and experience in all its full enchanting power.
Daniela Anfori is the extraordinary artist who painted the scenes for W Verdi a two act ballet of magnificent beauty. To remain on the theme of ballet, Anfori also painted a wonderful homage to one of Italy’s most illustrious étoiles of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Luciana Savignano. 
Daniela Anfori’s paintings can be found in many private, public and museum collections. She is definitely an artist on the rise that is turning into one of the revelations of the present day world art scene.