Where East meets West: The Talent of Roman Odolinski

roman-odolinski-artFollowing the journey of Old Russian icons and the great Masters of post-Impressionism, Roman Odolinski can't but have great success. This acclaimed Ukrainian artist has attracted respect and admiration from art lovers and collectors alike, resulting in a deserved public consensus of acknowledgement.
From the refined hidden details beautifully entangled in his magical stories, to the intricate settings depicted, Odolinski has demonstrated an innate talent, enriched by an accurate study of natural phenomena, intertwined with an acute intellect. Exquisite reflections and intriguing interpretations of a romantic journey back to the ancient legends irradiate the poetic atmosphere of his fictional villages.
Odolinski’s canvases have a precious and timeless allure by virtue of the enlightened and delicate brushstrokes juxtaposed with electrifying shades.
Roman Odolinski’s paintings can be found in many private, public and museum collections and they are gaining an increasing fame thanks to his undeniable genius inspired by the Great Masters of Italian frescos.  He is definitely an artist on the rise that is turning into one of the revelations of the present day world art scene.