The artist Francis Kodankandath at the illustrious London Art Biennale 2017

Among brilliant artists from all over the world, the self-taught Indian Contemporary artist Francis Kodankandath has been selected to exhibit his unique works at the prestigious London Art Biennale 2017, in London. 

After many exhibitions across the globe, including the USA, UK, Japan and Italy, Kodankandath will present his cryptic paintings in the third edition of one of the best award exhibition in London, at the historic Chelsea Old Town Hall.

Application for the patent of a paper boat” is one of the selected artworks for the exhibition. Admiring this painting, we are immediately enchanted by the intense shades of orange, which remind us of Mark Rothko’s colour field painting. The single hue works can be perceived as radical reductions of a simplistic visual nature. Alternatively, they are hypersensitive panels where nuanced soft shades have the ability to envelop the viewer and encourage a sublime emotional experience. Both artists appear to have a similar commitment - to reduce painting to its most indispensable quality, and to support the prospect of pure and divine experience.

Kodankandath challenges the effect of one colour shifting across the canvas by employing large gestural brushstrokes and three-dimensional parts that resemble a small boat. Constructed from paper, it emerges from the surface like a ship lost at sea. Its commonplace medium and geometric precision reflects the beautiful simplicity of Japanese craft Origami. Kodankandath transcends the boundaries between painting and sculpture, challenging the distinction between art and ordinary objects, incorporating minimalism with complex expressionism.

The second work presented at the London Art Biennale 2017 is ‘The Balloon Seller’: a magical illustration of the artist’s interest in geometry and ambiguity. Similarly to Swiss-German artist Paul Klee, Kodankandath explores the relations of colours and composite patterns. The painting is an amalgamation of harmonic hues - the soft-edged shades blend together like the eternal loop of natural seasons with no beginning or end. Twisting over the surface is a dynamic and calligraphic-like contour. These unpredictable markings add sophistication and complexity to the background tones like a kind of hieroglyphics. The viewer decodes an alluring enigmatic message in realisation of transcendent beauty and internal significance.

Thus, from the 29th March to the 2nd April 2017, the London Art Biennale is a wonderful occasion to enjoy Francis Kodankandath’s outstanding oeuvre surrounded by a various artistic and stimulating atmosphere.