George Kreizler: a return to the Old Masters

By Elena Foschi

george-kreizler-artist-elena-foschiHailed as “the last of the great Impressionists”, George Kreizler can't but have great success. This acclaimed British artist has attracted respect and admiration from art lovers and collectors alike, resulting in a deserved public consensus of acknowledgement.

From the delicate drawing of an angel, realized at the young age of 15, to intricate and complex landscapes, Kreizler has demonstrated an innate talent, enriched by an accurate study of natural phenomena, intertwined with an acute intellect. Exquisite reflections, perfect representations of a romantic moonlight that irradiates the poetic atmosphere of a city. Kreizler's artworks are gaining an increasing fame thanks to his undeniable genius inspired by the superb Impressionist tradition. The tranquillity emanated through the pale shades, dusty blues and sand hues recalls the graceful views painted by Alfred Sisley, while the material consistency of color in some darker canvases seems inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's early works.

Kreizler's canvases have a precious and timeless allure by virtue of the soft and textured brushstrokes juxtaposed with delicate shades. No boundaries  separate the painted elements that, either absorbed or radiated light combine in a perfect en-plein-air representation. Art lovers are becoming more demanding and are tiring of conceptual art that has recently been in vogue. Collectors are returning to masterpieces and a more objective and tangible appreciation of real art. George Kreizler's creations go beyond fashion, unlimited by fleeting trends, standing proud as a pillar of contemporary art.



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