The ICAC Art Contest attracts truly special Art

Participants from all over the world are trying their luck with the most interesting Art Contest of this year: ICAC Art Contest for emerging and established artists.
The prizes are surprisingly generous considering the benefits they can give to a contemporary artist: visibility, stature and  huge promotional opportunities.
From the first prize consisting of a hardback book entirely conceived on the artistic career of the winner to the exhibition of a work at the prestigious London Art Biennale 2017; from an image of the artwork published on the official printed Saatchi Museum Magazine to an exhibition at the famous Chianciano Art Museum in Tuscany; from a professional art critique to a state-of-the-art website.

We were allowed a peak and here are some of the impressive entries we saw: from the astonishing and elegant sculptures created by Anneli di Francis and the satirical and refined ceramics by Raymond Church, to passing through the evocative installations by Blair Martin Cahill.  
We dive into the detailed world conceived by Gareth Bunting and into the captivating optical illusions painted by Brian Ord.
Stop and meditate in front of the touching memories full of history by Chris Shaw Hughes, observe Daksha Patel’s works with their mysterious and charming candor or Ester Mangas Fernandez’s enthralling performance.
We are mesmerised by the parodic contrast between classical and pop in the interesting work by Diego Valentinuzzi and in Georgios Greekalogerakis’s ingenious stainless steel sculptures.
Zun Suyeon brilliantly represents the contemporary critical situation in communication and nonetheless, Matt Picon’s installation leaves an intriguing macabre taste, making you pause for reflection.
While Loz Verney and Antonino Trimarchi present sophisticated and avant-garde metaphysical compositions out of the Surrealism era, Michael Jules Lang reminds us of the Great Masters of Post Impressionism with his expressive portrait.
Meir Salomon breaks the rules of the flat surface, creating a painting in 3D  using a very interesting technique with water and fire.
Meltem Arikam combines photography and poetry, with a stunning result full of pathos, evoking true sympathy for her. Veronica McGeehan’s aerial shot captures me with its detailed and heterogeneous yarns in juxtaposition with the setting.
Sandra Lima e Silva and Somsak Chaituch perfectly fuses geometric forms with contrasting colours, enticing you into an emotional labyrinth. Finally, Aurora Berger’s and Davo Laninga’s impressive images auspiciously captures the force of nature.

You still have time to try your luck, the contest closes 20 July 2016.
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Some of the best: