Rick Nileh, the King of Oil Pastels

Have you ever stopped to think about oil pastels? They may seem simple; they may remind us of past school memories and childhood, but they are decidedly a very complicated, versatile and fascinating medium that few artists have mastered completely.
Rick Nileh is one of these very few that have taken oil pastels and made them express the full extent of their intrinsic qualities, turning his artworks into masterpieces. 
Of course Nileh takes full advantage of the medium and its wide range of colors and tonalities. With a taste and an instinct for color, Nileh creates different impressions of texture in every work. 
His lines are completely abstract even though at times he gives us a hint of a direction to follow in the comprehension of his pieces. But it’s the amazing and striking colors that capture us and keep us enchained and unable to turn our heads away. Our emotions come alive and we are flooded by an array of different sensations. 
Nileh, uses his exceptional talent to steer us into a world of perception we were unaware of. He awakens our senses through the powerful magnetism of his paintings. Yes, I use the word paintings because Nileh takes drawing to such a high level that they are effectively pastel paintings. 
An artist much admired and appreciated for his skill and creativity in all the world. An honorary member of the American Association of Pastel Artists (New York) and President of the Polish Pastel Society. He has exhibited all over the world and can be found in many private, public and museum collections. A true master if ever there was one and his works are a rare pleasure for the eyes and for the soul.